Monday, March 1, 2010


So I am officially starting a public baby blog. I have so many other ones, I can't tell you why. Probably because I don't have a job and now I have no energy so sitting on the couch typing my thoughts and feelings sounds like a great way to spend my time.

We found out the day before my birthday, so this definitely qualifies as the best gift ever, second would be my horse when I turned 12. I will be due on November 3, so let's hope Baby Mac doesn't come early, because I don't fancy sharing birthdays and holidays. Still, if he/she comes on Halloween there's always the potential he/she will be delivered by a pirate, handed over to a penguin for cleaning up, and then swaddled tightly by a Jedi. Who can really complain?

As for symptoms, I've been super nauseous, which is always coupled with sneezing. And my nipples are super sore (which you all wanted to know, I'm sure). Other than that there's only the intense fatigue that accompanies both sleeping too much and too little. I only seem capable of one or the other. Last night I tossed and turned and may have gotten as many as 5 hours of sleep, but possibly as few as 3. Hard to tell, I don't have my alarm clock plugged in. I have sharp, sharp sharp pains on either side of my groin whenever I move positions. If it didn't switch sides I'd go to the ER, but either I have ectopic pregnancies on both sides (goodbye fertility) or it's something innocuous. It doesn't feel like I felt when things went wrong, so I'm focusing on staying relaxed and as stress-free as is ever possible for me, and even less so where my fertility is involved.

My first u/s is going to be on the 11th at 1430. It was originally scheduled for the 16th, but after I made the appointment I found out that David is deploying on the 15th. So I called them up this morning and begged and pleaded and they were able to work me in, which I will be forever grateful for. If this pregnancy is a success then I want David with me to share in the joy and wonderment of seeing our baby's heartbeat for the first time. If it isn't then I need him there. I am so incredibly happy that he will be able to be there. When I rescheduled I also got my blood test results back, and they are great. My progesterone levels are normal, though I will continue to use the cream until my second trimester, just in case. Also, my hCG levels are over 700, which puts me well into the healthy range. At this point I am 4 weeks, 6 days along. According to What to Expect during week 4 they should be between 5 and 426, and week 5 is 19 to 7,936. And besides that the doctor isn't concerned.

I'm going to get off my sorry, tired butt and do some tidying. But first I'm going to add a pregnancy ticker. I haven't decided when I'm sharing this blog with other people yet.


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