Tuesday, March 16, 2010

6 weeks, 6 days

We saw the heartbeat again! Measuring perfectly, which is such a relief after all of this sick. I'm still on a clear liquid diet, and am having some food brought up as we speak. I feel kind of dumb being in the hospital when I'm feeling better, but until we're confident that I can return to normal I can't go home. What's been surprising about all of this is that they were pumping me full of anti-nausea and anti-emetics and I still couldn't stop vomiting, and even when I wasn't I felt awful. I finally asked for pain medication, after trying really hard to avoid it, and they gave me some Dilaudid. It was like magic. Not only was I no longer in pain, either in my back or my chest, but all of a sudden my nausea was GONE. And I've been feeling great ever since. How ridiculous is that? Anti-nausea meds don't get rid of my nausea, pain meds do. My hypothesis is that they play off of each other. It makes sense, but it sure is annoying.


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