Sunday, March 14, 2010

Pregnancy Symptoms?

So apparently the reason I throw up all day is hyper emesis of pregnancy, which is a fancy way of saying really bad morning sickness. So considering that, I think it's acceptable that leaving the hospital is a scary prospect for me. Every time I leave I get sick and have to come back. Although what I'm feeling at the moment is probably normal morning sickness dulled a bit by the Zofran, I don't feel ready to go home while I'm nauseous. It just sounds like a bad plan to me. We'll see what happens. The past two days have seemed to show that unless the anti-nausea medication is administered intravenously it's not going to help me. I have dissolvable Zofran and rectal suppositories of Promethzanine (sorry if that was TMI). They didn't do anything for me, I still wound up right where I am now. If this is just a severe pregnancy symptoms I have 6-8 more weeks before I can expect my hormones to decrease and to experience some natural relief. Considering just how severe these symptoms have been, the prospect is daunting.

David is leaving in 4 days. Being alone and dealing with this scares me. If TriCare doesn't approve an in home line that could administer fluids or anti-nausea medication I see more ambulance trips in my future. Needing this much medical intervention during pregnancy really isn't what you imagine. I can't help but be worried. I really don't want to leave the hospital. I don't want to go home and suffer again. I like feeling good in the hospital. And with David leaving everything will fall on me, which will mean needing to push myself more when I don't feel well because things still need to get done. Daunting. It's just plain daunting.


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