Thursday, March 11, 2010


We saw a heartbeat! It was there! It was so small, I made the nurse show me where she knew it was, because I didn't trust my eyes. It was amazing! We were going to video it, but they can't let us for insurance reasons. But we saw it! I saw it, and I freaked my dad out because I was crying on the phone when I called him. And David got to see our baby before he left. That means the world to both of us. And according to my midwife everything up until now looks "perfect." But I do have another ultrasound in two weeks just to take a look. Usually they're scheduled for four weeks later, but Sharon volunteered that she thought I would have a nervous breakdown if she made me wait that long. And I don't even have to wait two weeks if I don't want to. She says that if I'm ever feeling anxious to give them a call and she will work me in to get me an ultrasound to make me feel better. I really do have the best team I could possibly have. The only thing that has been off at all is my blood pressure. Usually I'm around 116/75. Today I was 138/86. And that was after doing meditation exercises in the waiting room to try to calm down. I was just that anxious.

On another note, Preggie Drops are good.


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