Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hopefully home for good

So far, so good. I can't say I've been feeling great, but nothing like before. The pump is set up and working well. Getting to mess with it is kind of fun, until I'm in pain and want to get in the tub and have to inject stuff and wrap it all up first. So that got old quickly.

These animals are driving me crazy this morning. The dogs won't stop blustering to go outside and chase squirrels. Loki, after mewing insistently earlier, won't stop chasing Isis to put the moves on her (you're FIXED you blasted cat). Thor won't stop mewing and pawing at my door (he's locked up now). Hathor won't stop mewing that dry food is NOT what she wanted (as if it's going to get better than that). I'm tired! Let me sleep you dumb animals!

Unfortunately, once I have almost adequate sleep it's difficult for me to fall asleep after being awoken. So here I am complaining.


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