Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The complaining begins...

I am officially tired of throwing up every morning. Bile is gross, really, really gross. While I feel lucky that I only suffer from morning sickness in the morning, and I'm extremely happy that I have a baby to create yucky symptoms like this, I really hate this puking thing. It wears me out before my day even starts. And if I were throwing up something yummy, like ice cream, or pizza, or heck, even bread, I could tolerate it a bit more. But this is icky bile, and the taste of it just makes me throw up more.

But today I'm officially halfway through my first trimester! Yippee! Admittedly, it didn't take much, only a mere two weeks of waiting (isn't it great you get four weeks free?). But hey, that means only six more weeks before I can expect my hormones to start going down and this nausea to go away. And that's worth celebrating. Although now I'm getting confused about whether it should really count as halfway at the end of the sixth week. That's probably true. Oh well. Here's to making it through one more day. One more day till my ultrasound!


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