Monday, March 28, 2011

First night in a crib

We got Hunter a crib today, and it is all set up. We are hoping we will get more sleep this way. He has already woken up once (I am currently nursing him and he fell asleep after about three minutes) or I would be asleep already. I am letting him feed for fifteen minutes while asleep so hopefully he'll sleep longer. Hopefully putting him down will work as well as it did earlier, but he totally unswaddles himself, so his legs are kind of out there now. Oh, and when I went to pick him up fifteen minutes ago he was 180 degrees turned from when I put him down. And after we put him the crib the first time earlier, when he was awake, he manages to get his leg stuck between the slats almost immediately. So Nana and Baba went to Babies R Us and bought a bumper. Now he has his pacifier in and I'm going to give him ten more minutes to really be asleep and then try to put him down and go to sleep myself. I'm hoping I won't be so anxious about him being in a different room that I can't sleep out of fear I won't hear him when he wakes up.

I'm going to swaddle him in another blanket, for a total of two. I'm afraid he's going to get cold without my body heat. Tomorrow I will try to make time to upload my videos. As usual, they will be posted on the day they were taken, but it shouldn't be difficult to find them because I haven't been posting much.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The result of real food

OH my gawd, can we breastfeed Hunter until he's potty trained? These real food diapers are disgusting! Yuck to the hundredth power!

He did, on a positive note, get his foot to his mouth for the first time yesterday. He didn't keep it there long enough for Daddy to see, but I did! He is enamored with his feet. For that matter, so am I.

He has several new nicknames. Pterodactyl, Dinosaur, R2-D2, (because of the sounds he makes) and Drools Verne (who likes everything with sauce, thank you Grandpa Flash). I have videos to post, but that takes time I don't feel like putting into it right now. I prefer breakfast, chores, a wii workout, and then a doctor's appointment. So maybe this evening. Sorry I'm lazy on the computer stuff, but if I put it first then the important stuff doesn't get done.

Oh! He absolutely cannot be in his swing unstrapped in. I know, I know, what was he doing in it without being strapped in in the first place? Well, he never used to go anywhere! He just slid lower! However yesterday morning he tilted forward and wound up on his stomach on the floor. He likes to try to sit up in it, which tilts the whole thing back and looks perilous, and I'm trying to decide if that means he's now too big for it, which would be a shame. He's only 16lbs (according to the Wii fit, where he is a dog, lol)!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Perfect Day

What a by the book day. I love it when that happens, because the book tends to be the best case scenario. So here's a blow by blow (sorry, this is probably boring for everyone who isn't me).

We woke up around 8:30 after a call from David sometime in the middle of the night (4ish?). Well, I should say we got up then, we were awake and nursing around 8. After that Hunter laid under his activity gym in the bathroom while I bathed. Then he sat in his swing and watched My Baby Can Read while I made my breakfast burrito (made from scratch, ftr). We played until he started getting fussy, around 11:30. So I put him in the car for a little ride, guaranteed to knock him out. He slept for an hour and then we nursed. When he was done, which didn't take long because he's still not all that hungry, following the recent trend, he had some tummy time while I moved the boxes and bags in the living room that weren't books to other rooms so I would have room for the Pack n Play, which I put together. Somewhere in there I had lunch. By 2:30 he was crabby again, so we went for another drive (noticing a trend?) and paid the water bill (still need to go in and complain though, long story). He woke up after forty minutes or so, but was rubbing his eyes like crazy and obviously still tired, so I decided to go to the post office, figuring if he didn't fall asleep I still ran an errand. He was out like a light again though, and it was too busy to just run in, so we went home. And then he slept until 6:30PM. That is a four hour nap! That never happens! I was able to get so much done! He woke up, ate again, and then we hung out until 8:30, when he fell asleep in my arms on the couch. I had been singing songs to him just because I felt like singing and he nodded right off. And that's when I started this blog.

Of course, about forty minutes later he woke up again, and I've been singing to him for the past twenty minutes to no avail, the only hiccup the entire day. So now he's in his swing, and the room is dark, and I'll sing for a little bit more in the hope that he'll fall asleep again there, because I can't keep up this walking and rocking thing, my arms are getting tired. But I expect he'll be asleep soon, and if not in his swing then we'll go for another drive here shortly and that will be that. So I'll even have a couple of hours tonight to do some more housework without sacrificing my sleep. And let me tell you, last night I didn't get nearly as much as I should have, about five hours, maybe less.

I think he'd be asleep by now if he'd just stop pulling the Voldemort out of his mouth. That's usually how it is in the car too. He'll keep taking it out to play with it and when I finally reach back and hold it in his mouth he's out in less than sixty seconds. Hmm, couldn't imagine who he got stubbornness and a desire to keep himself awake from. As long as he's content he can stay awake, but if he starts getting fussy we're loading up.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Making a liar out of me

Of course, what triggered that last blog was that Hunter had woken up. I had rocked him in his car seat for a little bit, then decided to leave him alone long enough to go complain about him waking up. By the time I was done blogging he was asleep again. Figures. :-)


I had no idea how hard it was to get anything done when you have a baby. Especially one that refuses to nap for longer than forty minutes. By the time he's fully asleep, and I've gone to the bathroom, made some food, eaten, and gotten ten minutes into a project, he's awake again. This house is full of stuff to do and I don't have the opportunity to do anything except when he's asleep at night, which means that I'm sleep deprived because I don't get to sleep when he's asleep. I need a babysitter!

A day of strange and unexpected firsts

Today I made two discoveries and they both were things that have been there all the time and yet did something different today. I'm going to start with the second one.

2. Hunter's belly button doesn't clean itself. And it's deep! I'm surprised I can't reach halfway into his abdominal cavity! I have just assumed that by cleaning his stomach that his belly button has been getting clean too. Big negative. It was so linty! And the nooks and crannies were very difficult to get into. I was afraid he was going to get upset because I was scraping it out with my fingernails. It took a lot of hard work though! Who knew it would be so difficult to clean a belly button? I even grabbed a q-tip to help, though my fingers did most of the work. Whoo boy! I'll start cleaning it more particularly in the bathtub and maybe from now on it won't be as much of a problem.

1. I discovered Hunter's penis for the first time. Yeah yeah, laugh it up. How could this possibly be the first time I've seen my son's penis? Haven't I been changing his diaper since he came home from the hospital? Well yes, of course I have. But he wasn't circumcised. Therefore I have, up until tonight, only seen his foreskin. My books say that it can take up to two years for the foreskin to retract all the way, and I've never been able to push it back at all. His pediatrician said that every time I changed his diaper I should try to draw it back as much as I could, but I've only done it at bath time because nothing ever really happened and I wasn't going to force the issue. Today that was exactly what I was doing, pulling it back and trying to clean what little of it that I could, and, suddenly, pop! I was so surprised! It took quite a bit to clean it too. There was quite the accumulation of smegma since it had never been withdrawn. And then I actually had to pull it back into place, it didn't just pop back. So that was a new experience, but now there's no more mystery. There's definitely a penis in there. ;-)

Hunter can sit on his own for short (very short) periods of time now.

I was told by my mother-in-law that she was told by her daughter that these balls (or at least the ones on the earlier models) have been recalled as a hazard. Seeing Hunter play with it a little bit deflated (so that he can grab and nom on it more easily) I could imagine how a baby could possibly suffocate themselves on it. Hunter, as you can see, has no problem moving it away from his nose, but really people, is it so hard to recognize a potential hazard and make sure that your child is supervised? I would never leave him alone with this ball. And once he's mobile it won't be left around for him to play with on his own. Common sense everyone. Not that hard and yet we still live in a world full of people substantially lacking it.

I keep trying to get one of his good laughs on camera, but whenever I pull it out he stops laughing as enthusiastically. One day.

Tummy time! Nothing exciting, but I video everything. I want to have everything possible to look back on. I need to get the videos on my parents camera burned to disc, since the files don't mesh with Macs.

Baby feet! And baby toes! What more needs to be said? I love 'em!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Activity Gym and Rolling Over Videos

He really likes playing with this ball.

However sometimes he does get fussy. He was very nice to me this morning though, after he woke up the first time he was content to play next to me and then go back to sleep and I was able to sleep until a little after 10AM. Woohoo!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I have posted about a dozen new videos. Watching them all will take a while, sorry to everyone that I didn't get them up sooner. They are posted to the date they were taken, the earliest new one being on the 21st of February.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hunter's first swim

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy baby!