Thursday, June 16, 2011

Growing Up

I can't believe how quickly Hunter is growing up. He has been army crawling for weeks now and yesterday he started pulling his knees up underneath him for the first time. He took to feeding himself puffs with absolute ease and only gets more proficient at getting them in his mouth. From the get go he picked them up with his thumb and forefinger, no raking for this kid! He started sitting all by himself too, and can get to sitting from his tummy. And then, two nights ago, he woke me up in the middle of the night and when I went to get him he was standing up. I had to lower his crib mattress! I can't believe all of this has happened at once! One of the most awesome things that has improved is his sleeping habits. We used to have trouble with him waking up when we put him down, and we could only get him to fall asleep in our arms. And then one night I put him in his crib (I may have already written about this) because he wouldn't stop squirming and he fell asleep on his own! And now he does it all the time! I still rock him to sleep a night or two a week, but usually we can just put him down and within twenty minutes he's out. And when he does fall asleep in my arms I don't have to put him down gingerly anymore. I put him on his side, or as best as I can, and he rolls over on his tummy and stays asleep. It's simply amazing how quickly the time goes. I can't believe he's almost eight months old. Before I know it we'll be celebrating his first birthday.