Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good news!

My second set of blood work came back and my hCG level is now at almost 7,000, which is fantastic. That's definitely more than doubling every 48 hours, and is on the high end of normal for how far along I am, and I'm only one day into week 5! I cannot express how much of a relief this is. I was dreading hearing reassurances that it was ok that I didn't double, and that everything was still most likely fine. Well, everything is definitely great! David says my levels now are higher than my levels at 6 weeks with my last pregnancy (he has a crazy memory for stuff like that). So I'm ready to take bets on whether there are one or two in there! We'll find out in a week! I'm so excited!

There's definitely a different feeling about this pregnancy. From long before I even could have tested I just...knew. In a strange, not possible way, but I did. And though I've certainly been worrying myself sick, I haven't been nearly as concerned as I was last time, and last time I was right too. I have been given a prescription for Ambien though, so hopefully I'll get some real shut eye tonight.

7 days! I don't know how I'll make it! At least my parents will be here tomorrow through Tuesday to keep me occupied. Then only one and a half days!


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