Saturday, March 6, 2010

The truth about the "Ring Test"

My dad is a skeptic, and rightfully so, it would appear.

We tested out the Ring Test last night in the airport with my mom while waiting for Dad's plane to arrive. It was pretty amazing. It circled over mine and mom's hands, it went back and forth over David's. It gave me my four kids, in order, yet again, and it even got Mom's kids right (me and my brother, in that order). So we were fairly impressed with the results. We were explaining the test to Dad and he said that in order to take out the subconscious direction of the person holding the ring you have to find a way to suspend the ring from an inanimate object and test then. So this morning that's just what we did. And guess what?

It doesn't move. We strung the ring from a piece of dental floss, and then from a hair in case the floss was too heavy, and hung it from a candle holder that held the ring out appropriately. Both of us tried to get it to move the way it had when a person was holding it. Nope. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Which brings us to the conclusion that the entire thing is based on the subconscious movement of the ring holder's hand. So how about that? This explains why websites are 50-50 about which way the ring will move for each gender. Some say a boy will move back and forth, and girl will circle, others say the opposite. Now we know why. Because it's a whole bunch of superstitious bunk.

Luckily in place of the ring test you can now by a kit to pee in and it will turn colors based on what gender your baby is (they say as soon as 10 weeks). It's 80% accurate, I think (or at least the say so). So now we've gone from free superstition to pricey pee tests. Is this really progression?


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