Thursday, March 4, 2010


Still haven't slept again yet. I'm waiting to call both my PCM and midwife at 9 to get an appointment and some advice. All I have the energy to do is blog about how tired I am, which just makes me a whiner, but I just want to put my head on the pillow and go to sleep! Why can't I? What is going on that my brain refuses to go into sleep mode? My parents are getting in tomorrow and there's still so much I wanted to get done first. I know they won't judge, but I wish the bedroom were emptier. That will be my one task for the day, well, I suppose it is multiple tasks. Laundry, sorting, sweeping, mopping, and putting things away in the kitchen. I need to move my cookbooks to the cupboard so I can put the electric skillet on the shelf. And the never ending dirty dishes. And SLEEP. Blah.

David just left for work, or is about to, so I'm moving back into bed. Here's to another try.


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