Saturday, March 20, 2010


You want to know what's really frustrating? Different doctors telling you different things about the same thing. The second doctor at Sharon's practice came in to see me today, and the plan that she apparently talked about with Sharon is nothing like what I thought we were aiming for. And it's extremely disconcerting when I'm told conflicting information about the dangers of using certain medications during pregnancy. Specifically, Dilaudid. I asked Sharon if I should be worried about taking it, or if I should limit when I ask for it to when I really felt I needed it. She said no, that they wouldn't give me anything that could pose a risk to the baby. And the Doc #2 comes in and says that it's a Class D medication and is only meant for use in pregnancy for a short time, and they want to start weaning me off of, not only it, but my other medications and fluids. This entirely contradicts what I thought was the solid agreement that my medications were the only thing that prevented the vomiting from returning, and especially theDilaudid! I thought that the whole reason we put the PICC line is was because I was going to either be staying in the hospital to continue receiving everything or arranging with a home care business to do the same. I really, really hate when doctors contradict each other. This situation is especially confusing because, according to the doctor, they are on the same page. I think I will call Sharon and ask her. Being told that a medication is safe, and then being told that it's not is alarming. Unfortunately, it's the weekend, and she's not on call. So I guess I'll have to suffer through until Monday when we can sort this out.

My major qualm is this: why are we taking me off these medications, even gradually, when up until this point I have not been able to eat without them? Wouldn't it make more sense to feed me, see how that goes, and then start reducing my medication? Why are we taking me off of fluids before we know whether or not I'm going to seriously dehydrate myself again? Why am I being told to try things like Jell-o and pudding, which are on the full liquid diet I've been eating for the past two days? Did she even know what diet I've been on before she started making recommendations for me? I absolutely loathe this. Why? Because I know exactly what's going to happen. I'm going to start vomiting again. And then we're going to have to start this whole process over. Oh! And she was talking like I'm not supposed to go home on medications. What??? Then what the hell was the point of putting this PICC line in? Because, let's be honest, it's overkill if I'm going to be in the hospital for less than a couple of weeks. I thought the whole point was that it could come home with me and be used to administer meds there. If you're going to take me off fluids and medications then I don't see why I wasn't just left with a normal IV. I am pretty sure that Sharon said that I needed to stay in the hospital until we could arrange for a home provider with TriCare. At this point the information I've gotten is a mass of contradictions, and it's irritating the hell out of me.


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