Friday, March 5, 2010


I am always hungry. Unfortunately, I'm also suffering from morning/night sickness, and they feed off of each other. I've made a lot of improvement on my morning sickness by making sure I eat something high in protein right before I go to bed, like chicken, cheese, or nuts. They last longer, so I don't wake up starving, lessening my morning sickness. I haven't been able to stop throwing up at night though. Last time I ate a bowl of corn (I was too hungry to wait for the chicken to cook) and it promptly came back up into the sink. Yum. But the chicken was good, and it stayed down. I am getting a bit tired of eating though. I don't have much of an appetite, which makes it difficult to stay above the E line. 

I actually got some sleep last night! The Ambien seemed to work, although I did wake up a couple of times during the night. I still totaled about ten hours of sleep though, which was quite a relief. My mom was right though, I did feel rather high for the first little bit I was awake. It was an odd feeling. Not surprising that I react the same way my brother does. We also found a solution to the "Isis Problem." She makes so much noise, it drives us crazy. We used to have to put her in a dog crate in the garage at night in order to get any sleep, but we bought a pheromone collar for her and, miracle of miracles, she's been quiet! It's such a blessing, because she's a sweet, affectionate kitty, but when we were constantly bombarded by absurd annoyingness it was hard to appreciate her good qualities. The whole house is going to be a happier place since we no longer have to yell at the cat to shut up (it never worked, but we were constantly on our last nerve). The whole environment is more relaxed now; I didn't realize how much is was stressing us out until it was gone.

My parents are arriving tonight! I'm very thankful for the distraction. I need to think about something other than my ultrasound! On that note I'm going to go back to work. There's always so much hair in this house!


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