Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stuck Here

I was feeling fantastic all through last night and this morning, to the point of feeling dumb that I was healthy and in the hospital. So they allowed me to have an (technically) unlimited diet, but told me to take it easy. So for lunch I had chicken noodle soup, toast, and some grapes. Within an hour I started throwing up everything and had to have pain medication. So for some reason I cannot handle food, and am back on a clear liquid diet. I feel much better after my last vomiting, but I'm still waiting on Reglan. At this point I'm on a regular schedule of Zofran and Phenergan, with Dilaudid and Reglan as needed. I also get Protonix once a day, which is basically IV Nexium.

My dad is here! David is picking him up right now. He doesn't have a return flight, he's here to stay as long as I need him. If anything comes up that would require him to leave, Mom will come out in his place. That's such a relief. Now I'm just trying to be ok with the fact that my house is a mess (for obvious reasons) and I have no way of doing any cleaning (not that I was up to cleaning recently anyway).

I'm really upset that David is leaving tomorrow and I'm stuck here. These are the days when you want to capitalize on every moment together, and ours have been drastically reduced. And (TMI) we haven't had sex in quite a while because I've been feeling so crappy. I keep telling myself that it's worth it, and so does he, but this isn't exactly the best send-off in the world.

This whole thing just sucks beyond the telling of it. Tri-for-Care doesn't cover the only business in the city that Sharon knows offers everything I would need at home. So I have to wait in the hospital while the insurance details are wrassled out. I'm really curious what the solution is going to be. I would think that they would prefer to make an allowance for this business instead of paying for me to stay in the hospital for weeks on end, but who really understand insurance companies?


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