Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hospitalized Again

So I was readmitted to the hospital again yesterday. And I'll be lucky to be out of the hospital in time to see David off to Iraq. Dr. Baer says that I could be here for as long as two weeks, or however long it takes to find a system of medication that will control my nausea and vomiting, because I can't continue like this. But it's so hard. We need to go to legal, for one thing, and get power of attorneys. And with him leaving it's looking like my mom or dad is going to have to come out and take care of me and the pets, since I obviously can't if I'm in the hospital.

I'm hoping that TriCare will approve a PICC line, which will allow me to administer fluids and anti-nausea medications at home. I'm also hoping for an in-home medical assistant, again, because this just can't continue. I haven't been able to eat solid food in a week. Every time I come the the hospital I'm severely dehydrated. It doesn't take long at all for my symptoms to spiral out of control and feed off of each other. I'm finally feeling better, great even, but I only feel well on a lot of medication. Not an ideal situation.

I'm having an ultrasound this afternoon, to check on the baby. Everything feels ok, but I want to know for my own piece of mind, and I know that David wants to see the baby again before he leaves. I've been having a really hard time today, probably a combination of stress, exhaustion, medication, and everything else. David's been annoying me, the internet has really been pissing me off, and in general I'm just irritable. I wanted to watch some tv shows on my computer and they have the sites blocked. And these are legitimate sites, not "someone ripped it and put it online illegally." So I wrote them an email requesting that they change their policy, because there's no reason for those sites to be blocked. Ugh.
And it will randomly load some sites really quickly, and others sit there doing nothing. Or, as a specific example, it will load half of my blog, but refuses to load the graphics.

I think I'm going to try to take a nap now. Hopefully by the time David gets back from the house I'll be in a better mood.


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