Monday, April 26, 2010

Stroller Pick

I went to Babies R Us with Carrie tonight and after perusing just about every other stroller in the place I finally went down the right aisle and found the one that I want. It's a jogging stroller with just about every option I could possibly want, with the exception of being able to have baby face you while you're pushing. But there are only two types of strollers that do that: The Graco Flip It, which, while cool, is as no frills as you can get (it doesn't even have a drink holder), and the Kolcraft Contours 3-Wheel Stroller, which is a very close runner up, as it flips and is a jogging stroller. However, the Jeep Liberty Limited 3-Wheel All Terrain Stroller has two storage compartments, one which is in place to catch dropped toys, and an MP3 player...these reasons do not stand up when I write them down. Both are capable of becoming a travel system by being compatible with most infant car seats. Ok, well, I suppose there is more. Just looking at them the Jeep is much more trail capable and a has lot more storage. And there's just something about the look of it...I don't know, I just like it better. As much as I wanted a stroller that flips, I really, really want this Jeep stroller. So instead of going with a standard travel system and buying a jogging stroller separately, I can make my own travel system. It's fantastic! It's tall, so David won't have to bend over so much to push it. Even I get back cramps hunched over some of the shorter strollers. And being in Colorado, those wheels are going to come in handy. So here's to my first big decision on baby stuff. Oh, and of course, the deciding factor, it's made by Jeep. This stroller is officially on the list.


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