Sunday, June 13, 2010


I am home! I left last...Saturday. Friday. Saturday. Yes. I got in Sunday evening. The drive wasn't that bad. I left about midnight on Saturday and drove a solid half before stopping for a nap. I only slept for an hour and a half or so but it gave me the second wind to get through the next 7 hours. Overall it took about 14 hours of driving. Not too bad, considering I do not speed. The pets did exceptionally well. Now I just need to find homes for the two cats that are currently locked in a room downstairs so that no one can accidentally let them out. Integrating the dogs hasn't been going extremely well, but we're working on it. Hopefully they'll start to get along soon.

I did my first load of baby laundry. I was going through my bag of baby stuff and found urine on the collar of the overall set I got at Disney World. Obviously I wasn't happy, but it washed out perfectly well, and I washed everything else Mom and I had because why not? I have several blankets, an assortment of clothes, some toys, and some diapers and wipes. I've ordered a Bundle Me from BabiesRUs because they're on sale. I also got a bunch of baby shower gifts. I picked up quite a bit for Hedy and Ryan, kind of as a thank you for watching our pets. I also got a couple things for Jessica so I'm prepared for her shower. I got a couple other things for Hunter, but I don't remember what they are off hand. Some more clothing, I think, and maybe some towels? They were all in the clearance section, that's the only place I've been shopping for myself yet. I actually got him a Christmas onesie because it was half off and I'll only wind up buying something at Christmas is I don't get it on sale now. 

Registry links, for anyone who is interested:

Kaboodle Baby Registry I LOVE Kaboodle. I can rank my picks and include anything from any site. There are quite a few things on this list that are available only online, and not from BabiesRUs or any of the major chains, so please, if you're thinking about purchasing something online, take a look at this registry and some of the neat stuff available off the beaten path.


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