Friday, June 11, 2010

What a day!

As everyone is aware I've been attempting to leave. Today is the last day. I had a doctor's appointment and received a referral to Barnes in St. Louis. I got all of the issues with David's car taken care of. I jumped the dead battery, filled the empty tire, jumped the dead-yet-again battery, put in gas, and gave it a bath. You wouldn't guess it's the same car, it looked that bad when we started. And when I got home from all of that I stepped out of the car to a rain of feathers. I looked up, expecting to see a bird molting. Instead it was a hawk picking its kill clean. Fun. The last of the laundry is done, the car is mostly packed. I need to collect the trash and recycling, and Carrie has said she'll put it out for me next week. The bathroom should be scrubbed a bit, to be on the safe side, as should the counters. I need to throw out the perishable food. The Jeep should probably get an oil change, if I can manage it, but that will depend on when I decide to leave. Otherwise I'll compensate when I get to Illinois. I might sweep. I need to empty the litter boxes. I really need to stop messing around on the computer and do these things, but this won't take that long.

I don't have that much room left in Tonks. Necessity is requiring that I travel extremely light, because the dogs will take up the majority of the backseat and the cats are traveling in a dog kennel that take up the majority of the trunk. I have some room to pack in on top of the kennel, but I would much prefer to leave that space empty. So that leaves me with the passenger seat and whatever space I can take on the floor and around the dogs. I'm more worried about forgetting something important than anything. Baby Stuff. Boots for David. Tv and xbox and bag of stuff to mail to David. I should crawl into the attic and grab the box for the tv. I need to gather shoes and toiletries. And yes, I will be referring back to this blog to remember everything. The steady stream of free thought is actually helping me think of things.


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