Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bump Bump

Hunter has been kicking almost non-stop today. Maybe it's the weather, or maybe he's rocking out after listening to Will's band earlier today. They have this really great song that is yet nameless. I enjoy them much more in person, I have a hard time listening to recorded screaming. They're really good though.

I am going totally crazy adding things to my baby registry at BabiesRUs because you get that discount right before your baby arrives on anything left in your registry, and the more I add the more I will get a discount on if I choose to purchase it later. Still, I registered for a lot of doubles. I need to clean it up a bit. And on a lot of things I'm really not picky. A cloth diaper is a cloth diaper. I wish I could just write cloth diapers without picking a brand. Oh well.

Tomorrow is Father's Day!


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