Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good day!

I had an amazingly good day today. I was able to go to Wal-Mart and WALK my shopping. I went to Best Buy, BabiesRUs, Auto Zone, and the car wash too. And I've been able to do laundry and trash. Big steps closer to being able to leave. I have a last minute appointment with my pain doc on Friday and with luck I can leave afterwards. I should have plenty of time to get ready tomorrow.

In baby news, my belly feels huge but it doesn't look as big as it feels. I can definitely feel Hunter move. I'm going to have to get used to using a name instead of "the baby." I don't know how anyone mistakes this for anything other than baby movement, because the feeling is entirely distinct. I bought a belly support band thingy today though, on the off chance it might help one of the aches I have. Everything feels big and uncomfortable though. I can still sleep without inconvenience though, by which I mean my half side/stomach position has been working. Don't worry, I know the huge is still to come. My friend Hedy is all baby belly and she looks humongous. She's less than a month from delivery, so there's still some time for that to come, but who knew a baby would take up so much room? I'm ready for it to be over now, so I can go to Cleveland. Maybe with luck I'll have another good summer. I could appreciate that very a lot (she put out to any stray gods paying attention). But whenever I get optimistic I have another bad day and the dream is deflated. Still, close now. Every day is one day closer.

Oh, and Hunter is breech, which means nothing at this point. I am curious though, as I was breech and had to be turned and both my mom and my uncle were breech, so there seems to be some sort of a family trend. Plenty of time to turn still, although if he doesn't much better that we're planning a c-section because we know we need one than suffer through hours of labor and need one then.


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