Friday, July 2, 2010

Ultrasound, Appointment, and Electrotherapy

I had an appointment with my new doctor's office yesterday. I knew I was having an ultrasound, but I didn't know that they would be taking 3D pictures yet. It was really cool. In the 2D pics we could see his brain hemispheres, his heart chambers, his leg bones, his spine, and a whole lot of other things I really couldn't see. We definitely saw scrotum (as the u/s tech put it). And then there are the 3D pictures, which are absolutely amazing.

Afterwards, in my appointment, the NP I saw prescribed me this electrotherapy thing that goes on my wrist and sends pulses from my brain to my stomach to make it work right. Or something like that. I'm still waiting for insurance approval on that, so for the weekend I'm trying to make a similar device that my dad has work the same way. It's hard to tell if it's working or coincidence yet.

Without further ado, here is Hunter. He's weighing 1lb, 3oz and is in the 50th percentile for weight at his gestational age, which she said is good considering how sick I've been. I'm only in my 22nd week though, and what I read online indicates that he's heavier than the average 22 week baby just by being over a pound. Babies aren't exact though.


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