Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The result of real food

OH my gawd, can we breastfeed Hunter until he's potty trained? These real food diapers are disgusting! Yuck to the hundredth power!

He did, on a positive note, get his foot to his mouth for the first time yesterday. He didn't keep it there long enough for Daddy to see, but I did! He is enamored with his feet. For that matter, so am I.

He has several new nicknames. Pterodactyl, Dinosaur, R2-D2, (because of the sounds he makes) and Drools Verne (who likes everything with sauce, thank you Grandpa Flash). I have videos to post, but that takes time I don't feel like putting into it right now. I prefer breakfast, chores, a wii workout, and then a doctor's appointment. So maybe this evening. Sorry I'm lazy on the computer stuff, but if I put it first then the important stuff doesn't get done.

Oh! He absolutely cannot be in his swing unstrapped in. I know, I know, what was he doing in it without being strapped in in the first place? Well, he never used to go anywhere! He just slid lower! However yesterday morning he tilted forward and wound up on his stomach on the floor. He likes to try to sit up in it, which tilts the whole thing back and looks perilous, and I'm trying to decide if that means he's now too big for it, which would be a shame. He's only 16lbs (according to the Wii fit, where he is a dog, lol)!


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