Monday, March 7, 2011

A Perfect Day

What a by the book day. I love it when that happens, because the book tends to be the best case scenario. So here's a blow by blow (sorry, this is probably boring for everyone who isn't me).

We woke up around 8:30 after a call from David sometime in the middle of the night (4ish?). Well, I should say we got up then, we were awake and nursing around 8. After that Hunter laid under his activity gym in the bathroom while I bathed. Then he sat in his swing and watched My Baby Can Read while I made my breakfast burrito (made from scratch, ftr). We played until he started getting fussy, around 11:30. So I put him in the car for a little ride, guaranteed to knock him out. He slept for an hour and then we nursed. When he was done, which didn't take long because he's still not all that hungry, following the recent trend, he had some tummy time while I moved the boxes and bags in the living room that weren't books to other rooms so I would have room for the Pack n Play, which I put together. Somewhere in there I had lunch. By 2:30 he was crabby again, so we went for another drive (noticing a trend?) and paid the water bill (still need to go in and complain though, long story). He woke up after forty minutes or so, but was rubbing his eyes like crazy and obviously still tired, so I decided to go to the post office, figuring if he didn't fall asleep I still ran an errand. He was out like a light again though, and it was too busy to just run in, so we went home. And then he slept until 6:30PM. That is a four hour nap! That never happens! I was able to get so much done! He woke up, ate again, and then we hung out until 8:30, when he fell asleep in my arms on the couch. I had been singing songs to him just because I felt like singing and he nodded right off. And that's when I started this blog.

Of course, about forty minutes later he woke up again, and I've been singing to him for the past twenty minutes to no avail, the only hiccup the entire day. So now he's in his swing, and the room is dark, and I'll sing for a little bit more in the hope that he'll fall asleep again there, because I can't keep up this walking and rocking thing, my arms are getting tired. But I expect he'll be asleep soon, and if not in his swing then we'll go for another drive here shortly and that will be that. So I'll even have a couple of hours tonight to do some more housework without sacrificing my sleep. And let me tell you, last night I didn't get nearly as much as I should have, about five hours, maybe less.

I think he'd be asleep by now if he'd just stop pulling the Voldemort out of his mouth. That's usually how it is in the car too. He'll keep taking it out to play with it and when I finally reach back and hold it in his mouth he's out in less than sixty seconds. Hmm, couldn't imagine who he got stubbornness and a desire to keep himself awake from. As long as he's content he can stay awake, but if he starts getting fussy we're loading up.


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