Sunday, March 6, 2011

A day of strange and unexpected firsts

Today I made two discoveries and they both were things that have been there all the time and yet did something different today. I'm going to start with the second one.

2. Hunter's belly button doesn't clean itself. And it's deep! I'm surprised I can't reach halfway into his abdominal cavity! I have just assumed that by cleaning his stomach that his belly button has been getting clean too. Big negative. It was so linty! And the nooks and crannies were very difficult to get into. I was afraid he was going to get upset because I was scraping it out with my fingernails. It took a lot of hard work though! Who knew it would be so difficult to clean a belly button? I even grabbed a q-tip to help, though my fingers did most of the work. Whoo boy! I'll start cleaning it more particularly in the bathtub and maybe from now on it won't be as much of a problem.

1. I discovered Hunter's penis for the first time. Yeah yeah, laugh it up. How could this possibly be the first time I've seen my son's penis? Haven't I been changing his diaper since he came home from the hospital? Well yes, of course I have. But he wasn't circumcised. Therefore I have, up until tonight, only seen his foreskin. My books say that it can take up to two years for the foreskin to retract all the way, and I've never been able to push it back at all. His pediatrician said that every time I changed his diaper I should try to draw it back as much as I could, but I've only done it at bath time because nothing ever really happened and I wasn't going to force the issue. Today that was exactly what I was doing, pulling it back and trying to clean what little of it that I could, and, suddenly, pop! I was so surprised! It took quite a bit to clean it too. There was quite the accumulation of smegma since it had never been withdrawn. And then I actually had to pull it back into place, it didn't just pop back. So that was a new experience, but now there's no more mystery. There's definitely a penis in there. ;-)

Hunter can sit on his own for short (very short) periods of time now.

I was told by my mother-in-law that she was told by her daughter that these balls (or at least the ones on the earlier models) have been recalled as a hazard. Seeing Hunter play with it a little bit deflated (so that he can grab and nom on it more easily) I could imagine how a baby could possibly suffocate themselves on it. Hunter, as you can see, has no problem moving it away from his nose, but really people, is it so hard to recognize a potential hazard and make sure that your child is supervised? I would never leave him alone with this ball. And once he's mobile it won't be left around for him to play with on his own. Common sense everyone. Not that hard and yet we still live in a world full of people substantially lacking it.

I keep trying to get one of his good laughs on camera, but whenever I pull it out he stops laughing as enthusiastically. One day.

Tummy time! Nothing exciting, but I video everything. I want to have everything possible to look back on. I need to get the videos on my parents camera burned to disc, since the files don't mesh with Macs.

Baby feet! And baby toes! What more needs to be said? I love 'em!


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