Monday, March 28, 2011

First night in a crib

We got Hunter a crib today, and it is all set up. We are hoping we will get more sleep this way. He has already woken up once (I am currently nursing him and he fell asleep after about three minutes) or I would be asleep already. I am letting him feed for fifteen minutes while asleep so hopefully he'll sleep longer. Hopefully putting him down will work as well as it did earlier, but he totally unswaddles himself, so his legs are kind of out there now. Oh, and when I went to pick him up fifteen minutes ago he was 180 degrees turned from when I put him down. And after we put him the crib the first time earlier, when he was awake, he manages to get his leg stuck between the slats almost immediately. So Nana and Baba went to Babies R Us and bought a bumper. Now he has his pacifier in and I'm going to give him ten more minutes to really be asleep and then try to put him down and go to sleep myself. I'm hoping I won't be so anxious about him being in a different room that I can't sleep out of fear I won't hear him when he wakes up.

I'm going to swaddle him in another blanket, for a total of two. I'm afraid he's going to get cold without my body heat. Tomorrow I will try to make time to upload my videos. As usual, they will be posted on the day they were taken, but it shouldn't be difficult to find them because I haven't been posting much.


Shannon said...

Get a baby monitor. I got a really cheap one for $20 and i love it. K's door to his room is like 3 feet outside of mine but i can hear him better on the monitor and can get him when hes just waking up as opposed to when hes already screaming.

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