Monday, January 3, 2011

My funny child

When Hunter first wakes up in the morning I give him a pacifier and we go back to sleep. when we do finally get up the first thing I do is change his diaper so that he doesn't overfill it while he's nursing. He'll be perfectly content in his cradle to enjoy his pacifier and just coo and wiggle a bit. When I pick him up and change his diaper he's fine. Once the diaper is on and I'm snapping up his romper he starts screaming. Crying screaming. Like his belly had just kicked in and he is HUNGRY! ARGH! Feed me! And he proceeded to scream and cry until the boob was literally in his mouth. There was no anticipatory slow down, he just cried. Poor thing. :-)

He's very attached to his pacifier recently. He will cry just to get it. That's a new thing, before he didn't even seem to like it that much, he didn't catch on all that quickly, but now it's a necessity.

Time to tend to the baby and stop blogging.


Shannon said...

Kaleb does the same thing when he's hungry. .. its like he thinks he's starving to death lol. Its funny because he'll be screaming then u put a boob or bottle in his mouth and he stops mid cry!

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