Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nursing in Bed

Well, I've finally aced the art of breastfeeding while lying on my side. I must say, it is the most convenient of all nursing positions. I am actually doing so as I type this and am still able to type with both hands. I don't know if we would have found it possible when Hunter was younger, at least it didn't work out when I tried it before. Not without being propped up on one elbow. Part of it is that I felt that I had to be holding my breast constantly to keep him from suffocating, but we've progressed to the point where I believe him capable of letting go of the breast and breathing through is mouth is his nose got blocked. He also isn't letting go as much now. He's been "nursing" for the past hour or more, though for a long while it has really been suckling while sleeping. For those still giving middle of the night feedings I can imagine this is a lifesaver. I don't envy bottle-feeding parents. This is so much more convenient.

Hunter is really getting so big! He is reaching out and grabbing toys and even "talking." I think I talked about these things a lot more in my last blog, but he amazes me every day.

Hunter is special because he is mine. There was never a child more loved in the whole history of the world. I've been dubbing home videos from VHS to DVD and it's been so cool witnessing myself and William as babies. We were so cute, and Hunter looks so much like we did. It's also a moving experience to witness my parents in the same position that I am in now. It connects us in a way I never imagined. We are all the same. Each and every one of us sharing a unique human experience. And that is a miracle.


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