Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hunter has discovered his hands! Actually, for the past several weeks it's been obvious that he can put them together and knows that they are his. But today he was holding his bottle on his own! He couldn't quite hold it tall enough when it got low, it was a bit too heavy for him even almost empty, but he was holding it! It was so cool! Oh my goodness, he is getting so big! And he talks! He definitely is saying specific things, like, "Mom, my pacifier fell out, could you put it back in please?" And he will repeat the same pattern of noises until he gets what he wants. It is amazing. We can start the My Baby Can Read Program in another couple of weeks, and sign language after that. I'm so excited! And yesterday (Monday) he rolled over almost all the way from his back to his stomach while we were visiting Lisa. He's such a big, smart boy!

According to the developmental milestone chart he is fairly advanced even! He can do everything they say he might be able to do as a 3 month old already, such as holding his head steady, following objects with his eyes, recognizing me, vocalizing, doing the mini-pushup, bringing his hands together, and batting at toys, which range from mastered to advanced skills. And in the 4 month category he can smile, bear weight on his legs, responds vocally when we talk to him, grasps toys, and rolls over. And he's not even 3 months! Before I know it he's going to be crawling and toddling! And he might even cut a first tooth in the next little bit. We will see!


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