Friday, October 1, 2010

Birth Plan and Bags Packed

Oh my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Well, my bags are mostly packed, I suppose. I have two bags packed, although not the way it is suggested to pack them in my books and classes. I don't have one bag for labor and one for post-partum, I just have two bags packed the ways things fit in them. In my blue, suitcase type bag I have all of my clothing items, including my robe, slippers, nursing bra, and going home outfits for myself and Hunter. I still need to pick his out. Mine was easier. I also have massage tools and lotion. All of my toiletries are also packed in that bag. I have a white, canvas tote that contains my paperwork, which includes all of my lamaze handouts, my birth plan, and meditation exercises for my mother to read to me. I'm also packing a bunch of magazines and "the Nursing Mother's Companion." Items that are unable to be packed in advance will be put in the white bag, including my laptop and whatever book I'm reading at the time. Other items that will need to be grabbed at the last minute are my toothbrush, camera, pillows, and labor ball. 

My birth "plan" is more along the lines of my birth "preferences." The more detailed your plan the more opportunities you have to be disappointed, so I'm trying to keep it pretty basic. And everything depends on what I want in labor, which I think is impossible to predict before it happens. Here it goes. 

  • I want to bring my own pillows and music.
  • I want to be able to use a birthing ball
Ok, I just woke up. I fell asleep with the lights on sitting on my bed. I even fall asleep while typing  couple of times so that I had long repeats of certain keys and some very upset kids. And yes, I realize what I just wrote. I'm leaving it that way because I have no idea why I wrote it, it's a testament to how very tired I am and the fact that I've had to take more pain meds than usual due to this pancreas crud. Anyway, I meant to say that I couldn't type. My Army Wives episode was over without me remembering it. Anyway, so I'll finish this is in the morning.                                                                   


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