Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time to pack?

Mom suggested yesterday or the day before that I pack my hospital bag. And my immediate reaction was, "Already?" And yes, already. I was 35 weeks yesterday (I'm technically writing this Monday but in my head it's still Sunday). So that means 4-5 weeks left. Although David's leave has been a complete mess. We still have no idea when he'll make it home, and his chain of command up through brigade level is working on getting him home at the right time. We'll just have to see how it goes. But Mom and Dad are going out of town for over a week at the beginning of October, and Mom thinks it would be a good idea to be prepared in the event that I go into labor while they're out of town. Which would certainly be early, but it happens. So since I'm in the process of getting my room clean and organized I will work on that when I find the papers I got during my birthing class.

Great news today is that I got a wardrobe! I can finally put all of my clothes away! It was impossible for me to get everything put away before because my clothes simply did not fit in my dresser. I kept having to move my pile of coats around because there was certainly nowhere to put them. But Mom bought me the wardrobe today, and we're still working on moving boxes and making more room. She also bought me a Diaper Genie Elite II, because it was $10 off. She does a lot of stuff like that for me when we're out shopping. I'd gladly split our purchases, but she just takes care of it. She's done that with little random things, but also with things like my car seat. I just hope I thank her enough.

 I'm so grateful for the extra time I've gotten with my parents. I should try to spend more time with my dad, but my mom has become my best friend. I talk to her about everything and do so much with her. I love doing the puzzles in the paper with her, that's become somewhat of a tradition on the weekends now. And going to church. And going to the zoo. And doing just about everything else. I feel like I've been given the chance to develop a better relationship with her than I ever had before, because when I was a teen we butted heads a lot and then I moved away when I got married. When I lived here during David's last deployment I spent the majority of my time out with other friends. This time I'm much more of a homebody. And I really do thank God for the opportunity that David's deployment and my illness have given to spend with my parents. Especially my mom. My dad and I have always been close, but my mom and I really needed this time together, I think. We've been able to grow a lot closer. I'm going to really miss them when I have to move back to Colorado. At least that's five months from now. And she's going to come out with me for a couple of weeks to help me with the house before David gets home. After that we'll just have to visit a lot.


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