Sunday, November 28, 2010

Early morning feedings

I'm watching Buffy all over again. For those of you who have never seen the show, it has some of the best dialogue ever.

I've tried to put Hunter down after our night feeding three times, but the act of laying him down in his cradle wakes him up and then I have to start all over. He's perfectly content to stay on my lap, which means  that, of course, I have to go to the bathroom. So chances are I'll have to get him back to sleep a fourth time in a few minutes here. Some nights he's perfectly fine, but it feels like the majority of the time he can't help but wake up. Not a problem, I would hold him all the time if I could, but unfortunately life necessitates putting him down sometimes. He's such a snuggler though, I love it. His warm, little body nestled up against mine makes my heart melt. I could spend my whole life just watching him.

He does so many amazing things! He already working on so many developmental milestones and he's been on the more advanced end of everything! I know every child progresses at their own pace, so I'm not bragging so much as it's just really cool to see him growing and learning. He can already hold his head up, both during tummy time and when he's on anyones shoulder. I'm not exactly sure what the books mean by holding it up 45 degrees versus 90, I just know he holds it up and can manage it for quite a while. He also likes sitting up. Mom plays with him by laying him down and letting him grasp onto her fingers, then she pulls him up to sitting. He grips so hard! He's even able to communicate when he wants to go up and down. So she'll just pull him up and down for a little while and he is totally enthralled. We also do tummy time, of course. For the time being we usually put him on the table. It's up high, so it's more comfortable for people to watch him, and there's room to gather around. His feet  go wild when he's not trying to hold his head up. And this point it's mostly an either or deal, though sometimes he manages both. But his legs have the crawling motion down. Sometimes he seems to get frustrated because he doesn't have the mobility he desires yet. Once he gets his head control though he's going to be moving! I like to put him on the table with a blanket underneath him and then put my hands behind his feet so he has something to push off of. That way he gets to scoot around the table, which he seems to enjoy.

I can't believe how good he is at holding his head up already! He's getting to be such a big, strong boy! He's just about ready to go into 0-3 month clothes. He still fits into his newborn clothes, and 0-3 is still a little big, so I've been getting the most out of the smaller ones that I possibly can. We'll be upgrading soon enough.

Well, it would seem like fourth time was a charm. Hunter stayed asleep when I put him down this time, so it's time for me to follow suit and go back to sleep. I am falling sleep sitting here.                                                    


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