Monday, September 6, 2010

Big baby belly

Well, for starters morning sickness bites. But at least it goes away now and I'm not spending the entire day vomiting, culminating in a hospital visit. So vast improvement. Still sucks though.

I need to take some new pictures, but my belly feels huge! I doubt it looks as big as it feels, but especially with his head pushing against my ribs....oh....big baby. He needs to start pushing out instead of into me! Sometimes it just hurts. My chiropractor has to keep adjusting the ribs on my right side because Hunter has apparently decided I don't need the one that came from Adam. And his butt and feet...he loves to stick those out down near my left hip bones, and let me tell you, that can be extremely uncomfortable (i.e. painful) too. He's probably about four pounds now and the idea of him adding an extra two or three is almost miserable.

His movements are entirely unpredictable. I had several days when he would not stop moving. It was a pushing, bumping, rolling experience all the time. Then came a day or two of just about nothing. Now he's started with more moderate movement again. My hypothesis is that he was cramped, slowed down so he could have a growth spurt, and any day now I'm going to pop out some more. But maybe I already have, that belly in the mirror sure looks bigger, even though at this point I feel about the same size. I feel big, certainly, but my basketball hasn't turned into a watermelon or anything.

I bought a rocking chair and ottoman a couple of months ago, now I'm itching to put it together, but there's not room in my room yet, and adding it just for the sake of adding it will just take up valuable floor space at this point. Time to get moving on moving these boxes out! If only they had a place to go. But you know how it goes, to move item 1 you have to move item 2 out of the way, but item 3 is in the way of item 2, and item 4 is in the way of item 5...

David is supposed to be home at an undisclosed date in October. I say undisclosed because the Army keeps moving it so that the "enemy" can't predict their flights. However, the date keeps getting moved up. A boon in any other situation, NOT when you're trying to have a baby induced around leave dates. We went from things most likely being able to progress on their own, to needing to induce late in my 39th week, to needing to induce late in my 38th week, to needing to induce in the middle of my 38th week. Could the military PLEASE stop while it's ahead? My doctors are understanding of my predicament, but geez guys. I'm not willing to have this baby with less than a week before he has to go back, and I am certainly not willing to be in the hospital again when he leaves. So thus the date gets moved up. So I guess we're currently at (according to my approximations) 44 days till the little guy arrives. Let's just hope the doctors are agreeable to that too. I might have more bargaining power if he refuses to turn. I know that everyone says he still has plenty of time, but so far he's been in one position and seems to enjoy it very much. We'll see how stubborn he is.

Last but not least, I have an ultrasound next Tuesday! Yay!

I've been doing my best not to comment on what I've come to think of as mother-put-down syndrome. Today I succeeded. Next time I might not. Just warning ya!


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