Monday, August 30, 2010

First bit of nesting

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time going through all the baby clothes I've been given and sorting them into boxes by size. I got a bunch of stuff from my grandmother when we went to visit and all of that needed to be put away instead of staying the the big plastic bag we brought it all home in. There's definitely more on my project list, but these things have to be taken step by step, and I'm not quite at the steps I would like to be (i.e. the ones that are fun or involve buying new things). I was able to get my books on a shelf (which involved emptying a shelf) and got all of my clothes put away, which means, of course, I did laundry the next day and now have even more to put away. I don't have a closet, so I'm considering getting one of those clothing racks. I need to get the desk emptied (at least the top) and moved so that I can put the changing table and a set of drawers for Hunter's clothes on top. It's hard to believe I'm entering my eighth month. Time is going to fly by before I know it.

In health news, I threw up for the first time in ages today. I was feeling a little queasy before breakfast, but it stayed down. However, as soon as I took the one swallow of water it took to take my pills everything went bad. All of the pills came up and I had to retake them. And my side pain has made its own resurgence. Which is why I'm updating my blog - I'm giving the pain medication time to kick in so that *hopefully* I can go outside and mow. Which happens to be one of my favorite chores. Yep, that's right. I love mowing the lawn. Riding mower, push mower, weed whacker, trimming, doesn't matter. I love the instant gratification of cutting grass. Somehow mentioning that made me remember I need to get some pictures printed and vacuum my room. Crazy how the brain makes connections sometimes.

One thing that has definitely changed with pregnancy is my bedtime. I was always a night owl, and could push past the sleepy feeling into a sleep-deprived high that kept me going without a lot of trouble. Now, anytime between 8:30 and midnight I'm off to bed. And I rarely drag it out. I decide I'm tired, I change clothes, brush my teeth, and then I'm in bed with the lights out dozing off within ten minutes of deciding it was bedtime. And staying up until midnight is pushing it. The only reason I was up that late last night is because I was pushing myself to stay awake to finish True Grit with my parents. On a side note, John Wayne rocks. And I considered turning in halfway through the movie, but I stuck it out. It took effort though. And even though I budget time for a healthy amount of sleep (usually nine hours), when my alarm went off this morning I ignored it and slept for another two hours. Mostly because I didn't have anything to do until noon and when my body wants to sleep I'm usually more than happy to oblige. If it says it needs extra sleep I believe it. And I figure that, not only is it good to get as much rest and enjoyment out of sleeping as I can before the baby comes, it will also be good to be on an earlier schedule before then too.

Well, the meds seem to have worked some magic, so I'm going to try to get up and do something (like mowing). And this post is now plenty long and I've managed to talk about what is mostly a whole lot of nothing. I'm good at that. Just ask my nail tech.


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