Thursday, May 27, 2010


What is up with the BabiesRUs Registry? Whenever I try to register it tells me the registry is unavailable. And last time I was in the store it was down there too. But I called customer service and they didn't seem to know anything about a problem.

In other news I am BORED. My belly feels really bloated now. The days have been getting progressively better, but it was less than a week ago that I had a really bad day out of the blue, so I can't count on anything. I just need to know about the pets! As soon as those arrangements are in place I am out of here! Give me two days! I'm hungry and I'm out of milk. That's all I've really been wanting. Except that I'm also hungry, and nothing sounds appetizing. Light, gourmet-ish food. Which would be FINE if I could cook. Ugh. Maybe I can make a trip to the 7-11. Do they sell milk there?


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