Saturday, February 19, 2011

Real food!

We have slowly started experiencing real food! He recently had his first bout in the high chair, which he enjoys because he gets to be a part of what is going on at the table. And so far he has tried banana and applesauce and refused sweet potato. (Did I write about this before? This sounds familiar). Anyway.

He enjoyed the banana, but the applesauce! Oh my goodness, applesauce! He was feeding himself off of my finger like it was a spoon, very crazy cool. He caught on so quickly! At this point I'm just feeding him whatever is handy because it is more about exposing him to new tastes and textures than providing nutritional value. So we've started with fruit instead of cereal. I'm hoping that I can wait to really start feeding him meals until David gets back so that he can be a part of it, but if he is already this interested in food it may be impossible to wait that long.

We move so soon! Finding the time to get this stuff up is difficult! These videos take forever to upload!


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